Monitoring and safeguarding of the coast: the beaches of Riccione protagonists of a CIRI FRAME study

The CIRI FRAME partner of the University of Bologna and the research he is conducting as part of the TAO project have been presented in two articles published in local newspapers “CORRIERE ROMAGNA” (25/6/2020) and “CARLINO RIMINI(25/6/2020)” which describes the campaign of monitoring conducted both with surveys on the territory and under water through traditional techniques, both with topographic surveys and with unconventional methods, such as the use of technologies that will allow to receive and process data in real time. In addition, the French network PLAY RTS in the broadcast “Mise au point été 2020″ interviewed prof. Renata Archetti on the activities carried out by CIRI FRAME as part of the TAO project (service starting from the minute 7:40).

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