The project partners are members of the Regional High Technology Network promoted by the Emilia Romagna Region, formed by industrial research laboratories and innovation centers. This Network gathers the academic institutions and public Research Centers of the region in order to offer competences, instruments and resources to the production system.


Is a consortium dealing in Industrial Research and Technology Transfer, mainly in the sectors of environmental monitoring and remediation of air, water, soil, cultural heritage and anthropogenic activities.
This Center has an established experience in the sector of geophysics applied to water environments, and it also has developed prototypes and unmanned vehicles for monitoring such environments, which have showed a very good level of functioning and a significant interest from markets.

The presence of a team with solid expertise in technical, scientific and industrial prototyping design enabled to develop an offer of advanced and innovative services, through the implementation of new sensors, tools and platforms for the environmental monitoring and analysis.

Role in the project
In addition to being the Lead Partner of this project, Proambiente carries out the integrated exploratory study aimed at understanding the characteristics of the prototypes to be implemented, and to design/develop and integrate the prototype fleet. Finally, they take care of the implementation of the application cases and of a constant exchange of information with CNA Innovazione, the partner laboratories, the companies and the industrial partners.


The Project Team:
• Giuseppe Stanghellini
• Camilla Bidini
• Francesco Riminucci
• Fabrizio Del Bianco
• Francesco Suriano

CIRI EC – Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research in Building and Construction

The Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research in Building and Construction of the University of Bologna operates in the sectors of high-resolution number modelling of the hydro-morphodynamic processes in the coastal and maritime environment, in the analysis and modelling of the coastal processes of the wave-structure interaction and in monitoring the morphodynamics of a coast with video systems.
CIRI-EC has developed algorithms and procedures of image analysis reaching a development level equal to TRL 3, to identify the evolution of the coast line in time, also in the presence of defense works, of subtidal bars, as well as the semantic classification of regions in order to identify the evolutions of the dunes system, the width of the beach, the position of the embankments, and run-up and currentometry.

Role in the project
The Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research in Building and Construction plays a role connected to the development of technologies for monitoring and optimizing the strategies to operate, manage and maintain infrastructures, through an intelligent use of the data collected through advanced territory and infrastructures monitoring systems, such as image analysis, smart and remote sensors and new technologies of low-cost monitoring.


The Project Team:

  • Renata Archetti
  • Maria Gabriella Gaeta
  • Fabio Addona
  • Tonino Liserra

CIRI MAM – Interdepartmental Center of Industrial Research for Advanced Mechanics and Materials

The Interdepartmental Center of Industrial Research for Advanced Mechanics and Materials of the University of Bologna plays a role connected to the design and implementation of both the hulls and engines of instrumented vehicles. This Center has acquired a vast experience in the implementation of hulls for unmanned surface vehicles (USV), able to operate in different conditions to study and analyze the activities connected to the marine robotics.

Role in the project
CIRI-MAM UO Advanced Materials and Applications for Nautical Industry plays a role connected to the design and development of both hulls and engines of instrumented vehicles. This project requires the use of the several skills and cutting edge technologies available at the Center, as well as the use of the most advanced design techniques, Design for X, in order to directly and internally manage all the different phases, from the development of the fabric starting with the fiber, to its processing, up to laminating.


The Project Team:
• Alfredo Liverani
• Giampiero Donnici

CIRI FRAME – Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research Renewable Sources, Environment, Sea and Energy

It is the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research on Renewable Sources, Environment, Sea and Energy of the University of Bologna, which develops applied research activities of industrial interest on different topics and is divided into three operating units: Renewable Sources and Sustainability (FRS), Marine Resources and Blue Growth (RMCB) and Energy and Environmental Technologies (TEA). As part of the TAO project, these activities are carried out by the research group in Ecology, Conservation and Restoration of Marine and Coastal Environments (MARECOL), which is part of the RMCB operational unit and is located at the Ravenna headquarters. In particular, MARECOL deals with the development and implementation of marine biodiversity monitoring systems, environmental impact assessment systems and the implementation of low-cost ecological monitoring systems.

Role in the project
The MARECOL research group of CIRI FRAME coordinates the phase of Habitat Mapping, which includes the comparative integration of data deriving from environmental monitoring carried out with autonomous means and of the information acquired with the sampling of sediments, water and benthic populations and through approaches of environmental DNA and metabarcoding. The aim is to validate the instrumental monitoring and integrate it with biological and ecological data, through the tests carried out in the study sites, which include different environmental conditions and levels of anthropic impact.


The Project Team:
  • • Massimo Ponti
  • • Marco Abbiati
  • • Federica Costantini
  • • Laura Airoldi
  • • Marina Antonia Colangelo
  • • Eva Turicchia
  • • Barbara Mikac
  • • Silvia Mercuri
  • • Alice Tagliabue


Is the accredited Center at regional level in the context of research and innovation. It deals with strengthening the connections between the world of research and that of industry, through the transfer of the technologies developed within the Research bodies and the support to the implementation of joint projects.

Role in the project

As a partner, CNA Innovazione works on the activities of diffusion of the results. It carries out the design and planning of a diffusion and promotion plan of the project outputs, through an activity of animation and management of communication tools, with the main aim to support the regional entrepreneurial system, guaranteeing the widest effect of the outputs achieved by the project on the local supply chains.


The Project Team:
• Federica Pasini
• Elisa Protti