It has been operating since 1993 in the field of marine scientific instrumentation (sale and development). The systems they produce have been operating for years in all the Italian seas. As a supplier to a large community of operators involved in the study and environmental characterization of submerged areas, this partner guides the development lines of the TAO products related to marine sensors (monolithic morpho-stratigraphic sensor, water sampler and video station monitoring) and their subsequent production and distribution.


It is the market leader in civil and industrial wastewater treatment and purification plants and, since April 2017, it has been conducting an experimentation on the protection of the coast from erosion by installing the first prototypes of WMESH at sea, at a distance of 200 meters from the Riccione shoreline, for the evaluation of their effectiveness and stability. As part of the project, this company is responsible for monitoring the stability and evolution of the shore line in the stretch of coast protected by WMESH during heavy seas and to compare it with that of the neighboring stretches, not protected or protected by different structures.


It represents one of the largest contractors in the offshore industry, active for more than 70 years in the Oil & Gas sector, with the supply of subsea solutions all over the world. An integral part of the Protan group, Micoperi independently undertakes a wide range of offshore construction activities.

The involvement of this partner responds to the need to apply the technologies meant to be developed to high-level service activities, which involve the acquisition of geological-geophysical-environmental data in coastal areas or in ports.

MICOPERI Blue Growth

It operates on the global market of next generation biotechnologies, and their activity is based on research and development for the sustainable production of biomass from microalgae crops. Their interest in the TAO project is linked to the use of the semi-submersible instrumented vehicle for monitoring coastal environments, with particular attention to the identification of potentially interesting algal species, from an application point of view, and of the parameters useful for understanding the development and the growth of such species.