Smart technologies for monitoring coastlines

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles

Habitat mapping

Habitat mapping

Hydrodynamic computer simulation

Hydrodynamic computer simulation


Habitat mapping

Thanks to the technologies developed, the researchers of the TAO project will be enabled to monitor the state of the marine fauna and flora, in a more rapid and innovative way compared to the existing techniques.

Erosion modeling

The low cost video-monitoring stations with a low environmental impact developed by TAO will be the basis to create a modelling of the dynamics of the coastal belt, to investigate the mechanisms causing its erosion, and to foresee how the littoral zone will evolve.

Autonomous Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle developed by TAO will be able to move easily in the coastal belt and therefore obtain data in a frequent and rapid way, offering a constant monitoring, otherwise impossible.

Geophisical sensor

TAO will develop innovative sensors optimised for shallow waters, which will enable to acquire geophysical data, to implement 3D models of the sea bottom and sub-bottom, and process an evaluation of the stratification of the sediments.


Inauguration of the Maritime Basin of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory of the University of Bologna

It will be held on September 16, 2021 at 10:00 in the presence of the Magnificent Rector prof. Ing. Francesco Ubertini the inauguration of the Maritime Basin of the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory of the University of Bologna. This new experimental infrastructure will be able to offer our region an important and useful tool for coastal management and the implementation of blue economy initiatives as well as an interesting contribution to the development of the TAO project.

The inauguration of the sea basin will be held at the Hydraulic engineering laboratory. It is possible to follow the inauguration in streaming by clicking on the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v42qGLq2Muc

The Tao project at R2b on air 2021

On the occasion of R2B, which will be held online on 16 and 17 June 2021, visibility will be given to the POR-FESR regional projects and the High Technology Network, including the TAO project. The TAO project will be presented on June 17th starting at 15:00. The speaker for the partnership will be Professor Renata Archetti (CIRI Building and Construction – Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna) who will present the results of the project to date.

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The TAO project partners will participate in the Oceanology fair from 1-4 December 2020

The partners of the TAO project will be present at the Oceanology international fair which will be held on December 1 to 4, 2020.Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID 19, the 2020 edition of the Oceanology fair will be held online via a platform. Sign up for the fair and request an appointment with us to request more information about the project and products.
You can find us in the list of exhibitors as PROAMBIENTE, which plays the role of Coordinator within the project.

Monitoring and safeguarding of the coast: the beaches of Riccione protagonists of a CIRI FRAME study

The CIRI FRAME partner of the University of Bologna and the research he is conducting as part of the TAO project have been presented in two articles published in local newspapers “CORRIERE ROMAGNA” (25/6/2020) and “CARLINO RIMINI(25/6/2020)” which describes the campaign of monitoring conducted both with surveys on the territory and under water through traditional techniques, both with topographic surveys and with unconventional methods, such as the use of technologies that will allow to receive and process data in real time. In addition, the French network PLAY RTS in the broadcast “Mise au point été 2020″ interviewed prof. Renata Archetti on the activities carried out by CIRI FRAME as part of the TAO project (service starting from the minute 7:40).